Emmanuel Senft



I am currently Research Assistant at Plymouth University (U.K.). I research and develop Interactive Machine Learning systems for robots interacting socially with humans. My current research is centred around SPARC (Supervised Progressively Autonomous Robot Competencies), a framework of interaction allowing humans to teach robots to interact with humans in the real world. My research lies at the intersection between social Human-Robot Interaction, Interactive Machine Learning and Learning from Demonstrations.

I currently work on the EU FP7 DREAM Project, which aims to develop new Robot-Enhanced Therapies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In November 2018, I completed my PhD at Plymouth University (U.K.), under the supervision of Professor Tony Belpaeme, Dr. Paul Baxter, and Dr. Séverin Lemaignan. This thesis, titled "Teaching Robots Autonomy from In Situ Human Supervision'', can be downloaded here.

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Emmanuel Senft
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