Emmanuel Senft

Researcher in Human-Robot Interaction


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I am Research Scientist at the Idiap Research Institute. I lead the Human-centered Robotics and AI group since September 2022. This group focuses on developing, deploying, and evaluating technologies to address societal needs. The key goals of this group are to (1) pursue research at the interface between technology and its users and (2) collaborate with industrial partners to ensure that academic research leads to positive impacts on society.

More specifically, my group develops human-centered robotic tools for end-users to design effective robot behaviors in situ; explores how to deploy robots in human environments with high cost of failure, large variability of tasks, and real-world application; and enables robots to be used by anyone to positively impact our society.

I obtained my MSc in Microengineering at EPFL in 2013 and my PhD at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom in 2018. I was then awarded a JSPS summer fellowship to conduct research at ATR in Japan in 2019 and was a Research Associate and Technical Lead on a NASA ULI project at the University of Wisconsin Madison from 2019 to 2022.


Emmanuel Senft
email: esenft@idiap.ch